Today I drew a picture using the tablet. It was a simple drawing, but It came out really well. It’s an open field of grass that extends as far as the eye can see. I drew the sun and the clouds and painted the sky the right shade of blue. To see my final project, click on the link below.



Today, I made a collage of my best work for a wall poster. It has stuff from Sticky Joe’s restraunt, as well as Raven Cane and Heavenly Stars works. It also includes a picture of me and a few off topic projects I finished on project days.


Today, I made one picture combining elements from multiple pictures. I used the magic tool to cut out the sky and place it into my new layer. I cut out the city from another picture to give the scenery a little color in the picture. Finally, I cut out a heart shaped cloud and placed it between the two cloud hands to make it look like the hands are going to comfort the heart. You have the choice to decide how you portray my metaphore. There is no one metaphore to this picture.’s_hands.pdf